Wow! I can't believe how much my filly grew!

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    I was just out feeding the horses and instead of quickly passing out some food and running inside to avoid the cold, I spent a little bit of time with the horses. Last March we bought a filly who turned 2 in May. She is about 2 1/2 now and I just cannot believe how much she has grown!

    When we first bought her she was small enough that you could just push her around. I was so worried that she would stay too small to ride, as she was only about 13.3 H. Everyone told me she'd only grow another few inches. I had noticed she was taller the few times I watched my dad work with her, but tonight I realized she is almost as tall as our 15 H gelding! She's definitely not the tiny filly we bought a half year ago! She's starting to fill out now, but still has a shorter back then our smallest gelding. I don't know if she will grow out of that, but at least a saddle won't look huge on her now! Her legs are getting thicker though and her hooves are slowly growing larger. I just can't believe how quickly she shot up!

    Here are two ugly pictures I took of her in the early fall. She's gained some weight and grown quite a bit since these pictures (Her hooves were long here too, but they've been done several times since the picture). Unfortunately I don't have any updated pictures! Her name is Cheyenne and we are planning to find a trainer to start her lightly with riding this summer and we are hoping to take her trail riding the summer after.



    Here's a picture of her when we first brought her home. It's difficult to tell her size, but she was very tiny!

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    she is beautiful

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