WOW! Little Fuzzy Pirahanna's ! (chick treats)


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Feb 6, 2010
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:popWell after doing a search here, on treats for our little fuzzy friends, I decided to get them some today.
I had cleaned their brooder, changed the water, added a tblspn of apple cider vinegar, and switched from shredded newspaper, to Pine shavings.

I tossed in a multi-colored ping-pong ball, thinking I was going to be treated to a free mini "chick soccer game". no luck there.
next, I dropped in a few crickets. The chicks showed no intrest at all.
They were even scared of the crickets and huddled into the furthest corner away.
30 minutes goes by, and nothing.
I had to leave to take my son to his weekly speech therapy. I'll see what happens later.
We get back to the house, and I'm wondering if I'll have to go catch all the crickets.
Nah, there all gone now, and the chicks are no longer in the corner.

So I try dropping in a few more crickes, and ALL CIVILITY CEASES TO EXIST !
Holy Cow ! my cute little fuzzballs transform into a bunch of crazed, psychopathic, fight
ing machines. it was as bad as pouring fresh blood into shark infested waters!
I'm pretty sure they could put some serious whoopass on a school of sharks!
it was like instant insanity!

We had a great time watching the melee, and the chicks obviously enjoied it too.
I cant wait to see what the meal worms and cooked spaghetti noodles result in.

now, if we can just get a little soccer game going, we'll be set!
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A.T. Hagan

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Aug 13, 2007
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Back when I first built the brooder box I'm presently using I was filling the feeder one evening. A small moth made it down through the hardware cloth top and I wondered what the chicks would make of it?

Heh. It flitted down about another six inches or so when one of them made a running leap to snatch it out of the air!

It occurred to me then that they'd been in that box a couple of weeks and the lights in the hover would have been attracting night bugs all along so they'd be well acquainted with flying chick treats...

Once they are acquainted with green feed put a head of cabbage in their with them and they'll spend all day long savaging it until only the toughest part of the core is left. Gives them exercise and keeps them out of mischief. Sure glad they don't come with big claws on their feet anymore!



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Feb 3, 2010
Southern California
ROFLOL!!! Civility ceases to exist for me, with mealworms....I have a questions.....this is kinda stupid, what if they don't catch a cricket? I say stupid because I see what the pack of piranahs do to things I put in the box. I used to feed them cottage cheese curds on my hand.....But then the chaos was my flesh!!

So, it's not that I dont think they will not devour the crickets, but if one escaped.....Well, I guess I could let a chick out of the box....I will have to go and get some crickets.....

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