WOW, sunlight!

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  1. It been really ugly this week due to tropical storm IDA but just now, as I'm sitting at the desk, the sun has came out of the clouds and poured it's rays over me through the window. How much have we been longing to see the sun again. Rain has stopped, clouds are now parting, sun is now shining it's brightest it has in days. I wonder how long it will last. Yet maybe I can get some fresh hung CLEAN clothes done on the line, maybe get some grass cut and the damages cleaned up. IDA didn't leave us with a clean yard. I do not have a porch roof anymore, the garbage trailor has lost it's sides, parts of the tabacco barn's roof is all over the place, Tons of branches and tree messes scatter the yard, the barely started coop has fell down (we barely started on it and the foundation wasn't secured very well). AT least we got our sun back!

  2. Bec

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    Sunlight you say? What are you talking about??[​IMG]

    Haven't seen that in a long time

    Is that the big shiny thing in the sky?

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