WOW, wasn't expecting this! Expecially from HER!

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  1. Hubby and I recieved a visit from FIL and SMIL this morning. They told us that they are planning on leaving for about a month to the mountains right after Thanksgiving. They won't be back until after Xmas so they are giving out early Xmas gifts now, Nothing wrapped. SMIL said she got mine done first so she is going ahead and give it to me. She MADE a BIG cutting board that will fit over my stove, creating more "counter space" for me to work with. It has 2 pieces, 1 piece that fits on the left burners and another to fit on the rights. It's a wood cuttingboard but on the center of it (putting the 2 pieces together, is a painting for a BEAUTIFUL rooster with an basket of apples. IT's GORGEOUS! She said that she had a professional deal with the painting. It has a protective coating over it and no matter how many knives have gone through it, the painting is safe. She also gave me a quilt like table clothe with Roosters and apples and pot holders and towels as well. She also made me a pot and pan rack that would fit over my stove which on the hooks have Roosters and Apples. Everything MATCHES!

    She made EVERYTHING and said that she is still not done [​IMG] there is a few more she is working on finishing. She is still working on the kids' gifts, which she told me already that it's bedspreads for them, GATORS, Pink for the girls, blue/orange for DS.

    Now Im really wishing my camera was working!
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    WOW! Sounds like the blessing stick is really bopping you on the head! LOL! Congratulations! *pix asap, please!* [​IMG]
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    I agree...PICS! [​IMG]
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    AHEM, pics? [​IMG]
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    Very nice.
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    WOW! Nice gifts. Hope you treat that SMIL like gold [​IMG] She sure sounds like a keeper. I can't wait to see the pictures of that cutting board too!

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