Wow, what a trial. Ameraucaunas didn't want to incorporate.

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  1. And just wouldn't settle in the big coop / pen. Every night I moved them to the coop and every night I had to move them, yet again.

    Today, I moved the blue, black, splash Ameraucana girls into their very own coop / run.
    It was a bit heartwrenching because I moved a one-eyed black Ameraucana pullet in there, too. Will they accept her? She's been one-eyed and a 'yard bird' since hatch and had run of our yard during the day, Since she's about at POL, she's started roosting in 'not so safe places'.
    I hope she can fit in with the other Ameraucana girls.
    Cross your fingers she can mingle. I was happy having her as a 'yard' bird' by day 'house bird' by night
    (Hubby didn't know I was bringing her in the house at night, he just knew there was a chicken pooping ALOT on the deckin the evenings).

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    Hope it calms down some. My Blue Orp pullet, Skye, 21 weeks old now, has been in with Suede, Velvet and the two Brahmas for two weeks now and she is hiding in the nests and not going outside in the pen with them at all. About once a day, I take her into the fenced orchard area to get a dustbath and some exercise and sunshine. She's a big girl, too. The other girls just wont leave her alone. She isn't quite as afraid of Suede since his intentions arent exactly aggressive, LOL. Her comb and wattles are getting very red now, so I hope when she becomes a member of the UELA (United Egglayers of America), LOL, she'll be more part of the group.

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