Wow, what a weekend for my biddies...


11 Years
Mar 23, 2008
Shreveport, La
Well, we had a busy weekend so far here at the Coop-a-cabana.. Last night, the biddies got some grit from outside, and I just happened to find a few little worms in the dirty that I scooped up for them. it was fun wathing them be totally afraid of the squirmy things at first.. then with a couple of "hey guys, this stuff is good" "pecks" from my fingers, the game was on.. I think Lola and Pinoccio got he most of them, but little Bambi was hanging in with them, she thinks she's one of the big girls, and likes to grab treats out of Lola's beak..
This morning, the biddies had strawberries and cream oatmeal.. not so keen on the oatmeal.. but man, once those bits of strawberry were tasted.. jump back!! I had a blast just watching them.

After a little rest time in the brooder, we went out in the yard for some scratch and explore fun. It was a beautiful day, and after a few "ok, wait, this is different" moments from the girls, they were off pecking the ground, eating the little seed things on the ends of the weeds, and then they found the clover! We were at my mom's- in the "city", and everytime a car went by, they all stopped and looked around, trying to see where that weird noise was coming from.

When we came in from our outdoor adventure, I was enjoying a nice slice of cantalope.. and it was suddenly like my son was 2 all over again, with the "Hey.. what are you eating.. that looks good.." the next thing I knew, all the biddies were in my lap, and climbing up my arms to get to my melon!!! I thought I was raising Chickens!! Not pigs!!

I am pooped!! But I will post the pics, and maybe a video in the morning!!

Cheep Mama

11 Years
Mar 14, 2008
Sounds like you had a great day!! I'm jealous. It was 45 degrees and rained all day!!!! I hope to take the chicks out tomorrow.

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