Wow, y'know those miracle thingies that happen sometimes?...well......


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May 29, 2009
ok, well I was doing my routine check of the eggs under our broody and one had pipped. I was so happy. but we had a problem the broody was like 10 feet up in a crate. I don't know how she got in but I guess she flew up there or something. the crate was one where you would put drinks in like the plastic ones with all the holes. I was worried about the chicks when she sat on them they could be crushed if part of their body was hanging out of the crate. (kinda like a mousetrap) so I had to move her. I picked up the eggs and put them on a different crate on the ground (I couldnt take the exsisting one because it was nailed to the roof of the barn), but I put newspaper on the bottom of the new crate so the chicks couldnt get crushed by the hen and the holes. I placed the eggs in the crate and then I had to put her in the new crate. Bad idea, She ran away and I put the eggs back in the old nest. I saw her trying to get back up to the old one, but it was dark and while flying she missed her mark and fell. well, I grabbed her and dropped her in the nest. she cracked the pipped egg and I was certain it would be dead in the morning...


morning, I went outside at like 6 am and saw that it was still alive. peeping loudly.Thinking if its alive it should hatch soon so I went back inside to sleep for a little longer and I woke up at 9 am. It had not moved from its spot in that egg. thats when I had to help it. I soon relized that most of the viens in the egg were drained of blood into the chick, so I knew it was time to help him. the membrane had shrunk and wrapped around him. so I moistened it with water and peeled tiny parts that were stuck to him. I must have waited an hour and when he finally hatched we decided to name him sparta, because of his courage, strength, and the movie 300.

pics tomorrow!
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Hang in there, we're right there with ya. We got two out and drying, one who's got a big part of his shell broke loose but has been working a very long time, and a couple recent starters that are banging away. Fingers crossed for the one that has been working so long. OK ??

It's our first hatch

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