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    May 31, 2010
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    HI, I'm new to chicken raising - just started this spring. I've been so excited because my ladies are starting to lay!! But this week I have gotten two wrinkled eggs.[​IMG] The shells are hard and solid, but there are certainly wrinkles in it. Is there something else I should be adding to the feed? I feed Layena with oyster shells mixed in. They also have a feeder of just oyster shells if they want more. I do feed scraps of watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, etc. Thanks for any advice~
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    This is what this website say about them:

    Misshaped Eggs: If albumen quality is very poor and there is no sound foundation upon, which to build the true shell; The result can be the distinctive ‘crinkled’ shell typical of certain viral diseases. Misshaped eggs can also arise for other reasons. i.e, the shell may break in the shell gland during the formation process; The damage can be partly repaired but a bulge forms around the centre of the egg (an equatorial bulge). Any factor which causes disturbance to the birds 10-14 hours before the egg is laid is likely to increase the incidence of this fault.

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    Hi! Sounds like you're doing everything right as far as nutrition! A wrinkly egg is nothing to worry about. When a hen begins laying, you get alot of what I like to call "practice eggs" or "hiccups". LOL So don't worry. You may also see an egg with just the membrane--no actual shell, or a teeny-tiny egg, or even a HUGE egg. The eggs will take on a nicer shape, and probably even get a little larger, as the hen continues to lay.

    So no worries! You're doing a great job![​IMG]

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