Wrinkled Eggs?


10 Years
Aug 3, 2009
I have a 2-1/2 y/o California White hen who is an excellent egglayer. She is free range most of the time, has a nice warm house that I close them all up in at night, and she is the highest on the totem pole right now. She seems very happy and healthy. The only thing is that her eggs are wrinkled!

They didn't used to be, but then I started finding a wrinkled egg now and then. Now almost all of her eggs are wrinkled. She lays 6 eggs per week. The wrinkles direction goes from end to end, and other than the wrinkles there in no other change in the shell at all.

Her feed has not changed at all, she gets free choice lay mash, cracked corn, poultry scratch, and whatever they eat while free ranging.
I'd love to see a picture of that! I had a couple pullets laying odd shapped eggs for a while too. They had a spot that looked like concentric ripples from a stone tossed in a puddle. I'm pretty sure I caused it. Though I offered oyster shell free choice I was getting a lot of soft shelled eggs, so on BYC advice, I beefed up their calcium by adding powdered milk to their food. This worked great, but I think it was over kill because I got a lot of weird eggs after that. When I stopped that everything seemed to straighten out. It appears there is a fine line between too much and too little calcium
I don't have any pics of the eggs, I am planning to try to get some pics tonight though. They look kind of like a rumpled pillowcase, just some lines from one end to the other. I read that wrinkled eggs can happen when a hen lays too close together, on a 25 hour cycle- but it also said that the eggs would have a flattened end where they bumped into each other in the ovarian duct. These eggs are normally shaped, no flat spots, etc. Most of her eggs ARE slightly round, a little more round than the "typical" egg shape, but the shape is within the normal range.

eta- my real reason for poating this is to find out if there is something wrong, and if I need to be doing something different for her, or if this is just how it's gonna be.
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