Wry Neck- Abnormal Behavior...Head droops indoors, Fine outdoors

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    Oct 7, 2011
    McDonald, PA
    My 6 month old silkie hen has displayed all of the signs of wry neck. Her head drops between her legs, and she twists it around and can't lift it. She also walks backwards to try to gain leverage to lift her head. We have her separated from the Polish chickens that we have to avoid her being picked on. When we take her outside to get some fresh air, she tucks her head a few times, but then she is able to lift it and walk around. She can run, walk and eat normally. She occasionally loses control of her neck, but then quickly regains it. When we take her into the house, she reverts back to not being able to walk or lift her head again. We put her on the carpet so that she has traction, but no luck. Any ideas what this is about???? I'm afraid to put her back in the run because she isn't fully recovered. Please help!

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