Wry Neck baby duck at TSC

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    May 21, 2011
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    So, I was at TSC today, looking , drooling and exercising extreme willpower over all the new baby ducks and chickies, when , sitting in the corner, I found a baby Pekin with Wry Neck, being trampled, for lack of a better word..:/

    I immediately notified an employee . I suggested placing the baby duck, with a little friend, separate from the 100's of adorable , cheeping, jumping , pecking and zooming other babies because I had seen enough of the other babies doing that on top of the baby duck.:rant

    I was "assured" the baby would be taken care of within a few minutes, the employee had to Finish " Texting his girlfriend ". :mad:

    Unfortunately, I had to get to a doctor's appointment, or I wouldve stuck around and made sure the baby and a friend, wouldve been moved.

    I had all kinds of errands afterwards, so it was 5 hours later when I stopped back by .

    Well, I didnt see the baby duck at first, so I thought he/she had been removed.

    Then, when a big pile of baby ducks and chicks in this one bin, started scattering and zooming all around, there was the baby duck, on the bottom, barely moving. I was a "tad" upset. :mad:

    Well, this time, when I went looking for the employee who had the " most knowledge" of baby ducks and chickens, who incidentally was the same kid who was texting earlier, I found him texting over by the horse supplies.

    He said he had " forgot " because he had become busy, and would take care of it now.

    Anyway, thats that, the baby duck and a friend were moved to a little separate area..

    I just HATE seeing things like that, just tears at my heart strings, ya know. ?:hit

    Just needed to rant a little, thanks for reading..:he
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    If it was me who saw that I probably would've slapped the employee, kidnapped the duckling with a buddy to keep it company and got myself banned from that shop for life! I get really really upset when I see things like that.
    Hope the little guy's going to be o.k.

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