Wry neck chick one day old....

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    Mar 9, 2015
    [​IMG][/IMG]Hi, I'm new to this forum - have gained loads of amazing info already! We're hatching chicks at the school where I work and one was born early today with a lump on the head (bleeding) and a wry neck - hence Twizzle - I've taken him home so he doesn't get trampled and have put him under a bulb - temp 85ish at the mo.. It can't eat or drink by itself and when I put is beak near some water on a spoon, it did drink, but struggled to swallow - it got there in the end though, I just did it slowly and went at his pace. I've not put water in its bed as I don't want it to drown, how often should I offer it water and how much should it drink? Also, I've mashed some starter food and really the same question goes for that - how often and how much? I'm trying to get hold of the vitamins recommend for wry neck that I've read on this site... Just hope he makes it as he's full of character and very peepy! Thanks in advance for all advice!
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