Wry neck in pullet

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    Jan 6, 2014
    Hi everyone!

    So, I have a bit of a strange occurance. My chickens are 2 different ages - 4 are about 20 weeks, 2 are about 16 weeks. My Light Brahma is of the 16 week group, and in July I noticed she had something funky going on with her neck. At first, I thought she had an impacted crop. But, upon further investigation, I realized it definitely was not. Her head looks like it is coming out in front of her right wing, and has a large bump on the left side where her neck would be. I had my horse vet out around the time I found it, and she said it looked like she had dislocated her left wing, which I think is a pretty accurate description of what it looks like. But, a quick Google search makes me think she has wry neck. She walks and flies fine, as well as eating and drinking. She is not of egg-laying age yet. She does seem to prefer staying close to the ground.

    My question is - can she live the rest of her life like this?? Also long as she's doing everything she needs to do, like eating and drinking, should there be any other problems? I'm thinking that she got stepped on by one of the bigger girls - is there any way to, more or less, straighten it out, or is this a done deal?

    Also, I realize I should attach a picture. I will take one later when I get home to see what you guys think.
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    Hard to say without observing the bird in person. IF it appears as though the bird isn't in pain and not suffering, maybe just leaving it be is best, however if it is from an injury it could cause permanent damage and discomfort down the road. A trip to an avian vet may be in order.

    Good luck

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