Wry Neck in Rainbow Lake

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    Jul 26, 2014
    It's Thursday 9/4/14.
    Monday night I went to close up the chicken coop and one of my 6 week old chicks was laying on her back not moving. I warely touched her and she moved, I picked her up and her head fell over her back, just flopped over, hanging there. I turned her over on her belly and the same thing happened. I was so mortified. I thought for sure she had a broken neck, I looked around the coop and couldn't find anything that may have hurt her like that. I brought her inside, called my husband down, and asked what he thought. How could a chicken still be alive like that with her eyes wide open, breathing and able to move her body, but not her head or neck? We were trying to decide what to do with a chicken with a broken neck. . . I was asking if "we" should just kill her. (Which really meant, did i think he should figure out a humane way to end her life in his pajamas)
    We decided that since it was so weird and she was so alive like that that we would wait it out over night. So I went and got my little first aid kennel, and set her up in the house, upside down, and went to bed.
    I woke up totally expecting to find some cold stiff chicken in a cat carrier in my living room. Not the case. She was alive, and upside down. I had started researching in bed and that morning what might be the problem. I was thinking a seizure or stroke. At this point I'm thinking it's Wry Neck.
    Through BYC and lots of google searching I have found ways to possibly treat this.
    She is having vitamin E, baby aspirin, vitamin, B, Selenium, electrolytes, scrambled eggs and chick feed.

    The thing I don't understand is how this comes and goes like it does.
    Tuesday afternoon I got a call from my husband saying he put the chicken out in the yard witht he rest and she was totally fine.
    I check on her at nightfall tuesday night and she was stuck upside down again.
    Brought her in, went through te whole thing.
    Wednesday night i went out before night fall to watch her, and like clock work, upside down she goes.
    Its slowish, she's not all crazy, just kind of curls up.
    This morning she was actually up when i went to check on her.
    She was raised by chickens though, not in an incubator and by hand like my older chickens, so she is not so tame. She gets stressed when handled. And that send her into a fit, and she curls up. Tonight I went and got her early, (this is because we let her out with her friends when we get home from work, because she is better by then) she was already starting to flip over and curl up, when i went to feed her in her kennel she was not upside down this time. That is until I went to get her out to give her her vitamins.

    So thats the story.

    My question is:
    can wry neck come at night and go away in the morning? Should I be considering other issues?

  2. Devunisaacs

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    Jul 21, 2016
    No it isn't wry neck or it doesn't sound like it the same thing like that happened to my bird and I did lots of research and all I found about wry neck is it a painfully twisted neck and is inherited
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    It does not sound like the typical wry neck (crook neck, torticolis.) It does sound like some neurological symptom, possibly seizure-like, definitely involving her brain. Hopefully the others will not attack her when she is doing this. A limber or flaccid neck is common in botulism, but the whole body becomes paralyzed, not just the neck. In the link below, they refer to wry neck or crook neck as "limberneck" although most cases do not involve a flaccid neck. I would be treating her with vitamins though, including thiamine, vitamin E, and selenium, just in case. Sometimes Mareks disease can cause some of these neck problems and flipping over on the back. Here is the link and another thread to read:

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