Wry Neck in Sergeant Scrambles

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    Apr 1, 2016
    First of all I want to say thank goodness for this website!!!! Yesterday morning I found my precious Silkie rooster, Sergeant Scrambles, laying in his coop with his neck turned all the way around backwards. I thought someone or something had gotten into our back yard and broke his neck. He wasn't dead and I couldn't bring myself to cull him so I left him in the shade of the coop so that my husband and I could deal with him when we got home from work. I just so happened to Google "broken neck in chicken" and found out that there is something called "Wry Neck." I had never heard of it and of course my search lead me here!! I got home and brought him inside and tried to give him water and Vitamin E. I did read that I would need to try to hold his neck up so that he can eat and drink, however he doesn't seem interested in doing either. My question is does anyone have any ideas for me to help keep him from dehydrating and starving? How much water and food should I try to be getting in him per day? How often do I need to try to give him food and water? I'm so devastated over this.
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    Wry neck is only a symptom, and can be associated with a vitamin E deficiency, a head or neck injury, Mareks and other infectious diseases when the brain is affected, and can be hereditary. Some silkies have a vaulted skull with a soft spot, and can easily be injured. I would try feeding him as in the video below with feed mixed with water and egg, or read the last link below for advice on tube or crop feeding:


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