Wry neck, lump under beak and parrot beak in 3 week chick


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Jul 23, 2021
Hi all, my chick had wry neck symptoms, running in circles and looking to the sky. Put some stressless nutrients in their water which included vit e and vit b. Within 48hrs the wry neck symptoms have resolved but a lump of skin with no fluid in it is under the beak. Since noticed it has parrot beak too. Is there something else? What is causing it? Will it live?



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I've since found the tongue is not in her beak but in the lump under her beak in her throat. She has a herniated beak floor. Has anyone heard of this? I think I need to put her down 😔
She was yesterday, looking a bit worse today so not sure yet. My concern is the skin isn't designed to be her mouth so it must be really painful?
I don't know about the skin and a possible painfulness, I'm sorry. Does her crop fill well? Or does food get stuck in the herniated beak floor?
I'm so sorry I can't be of any help 😞
I searched here on BYC for information about this condition and saw your posts in the related threads, I'm so sorry nobody replied yet. I hope the members from the threads will answer soon and share their experiences and tell what happened with their chicks.

The skin of the lump under the beak looks very pink - is it possible there is an inflamation going on there?

I'm crossing my fingers for your dear little one :hugs❤️

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