Wry neck & mites!!

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    Nov 22, 2013
    I have 7 chickens in totall but the newest 2 we only got the other day, 2 silkies from a breeder about an hour away, I went to her home and the coop looked clean and all the chicks were healthy and partly free ranged.

    But the 2 chicks we got I've noticed a little too late have lice (or mites? They're pale yellow bugs) and one possibley has wry neck. I'm at a loss, we payed $60 for the pair, and I'm already in love with them but this really annoys me. And I'm worried about the health of the rest of my flock. Any advice about if I should tell the breeder without sounding rude, and what to do about the lice? Thanks!

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Poultry dust for the mites/ lice and retreat in 7-10 days. (7 for mites-red, 10 for lice-little white wormy looking things) Many silkies are vitamin B deficient. I would add supplements for it either in their water or by dropper.
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    Personally, I would return them, and try to get my money back. I would be concerned they might have another serious disease thaat would infect my flock.

    However, here are a couple of good sources on how to deal with lice and mites:



    There are a number of threads here about wry neck. Here is just one:

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