Wry neck or marecks? Ladies were vaccinated...confused

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    Been a long time but I knew where to come for advice! Hen using wings for balance, not standing up much but lurching around when she does. Tail looks tucked under rather than erect. Vision seems disoriented and twists neck around to use whichever eye seems able to focus, but will only drink when I put bowl under her beak and will eat a few small pieces of spaghetti noodles till she loses interest. Green, super smelly poop. They do a lot of free ranging in our back yard. More like dogs than chickens. I bought my ladies from large popular hatchery and always have my chicks vaccinated. Looked up many older posts on both wry neck and Marecks and one member suggests hypericum as effective treatment. Any thoughts? As I recently had a duck go through unsuccessful surgery and euthanasia to the tune of $265, I would love to be able to avoid vet visit...(wouldn't we all...) if there is no treatment or if I can do it myself. All comments appreciated!
    Mother to 9 year old identical quadruplet girls, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, 1 guinea pig, 1 Betta, 15 chickens, 1 duck and wife to a very patient husband!
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    I would do vitamin e capsul twice daily (puncture and squeeze down beak, and crush up selenium and give that to her in water and feed. poly visol is good too but I think this might work better. Will take a week or so of treatment to really see it working. I just had to do it to a broody hen that sat to long and did not eat enough. She is fine now, took about 10 days of isolation and treatment.

    Good luck [​IMG] Mareks wont usually hit after 8 months of age btw.

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