Wry Neck update (was suddenly ill cockerel)

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    day 2 update:

    Yesterday he seemed stable - began dosing with vitamins, even at 2am he seemed okay - I was hopeful.

    Upon waking this morning ... he seems to be doing a lot worse. ((I have read some experienced worse symptoms in the morning) He had and continues to drool a foamy saliva-type (clear & bubbly) out of his mouth (no seems his nose a bit too), his breathing is labored compared to yesterday, he's less alert (seems more uncomfortable) and not vocalizing like he was, not supporting or moving his feet or wings as he was yesterday (more slouchy & letting himself curl whole body into a ball). Seems worse than morning lag or regression.

    I don't believe any vets in this area treat chickens. I have a call into one that does have an avian specialist - Thinking if I called the breeder I bought him from (2-3 hours away) he would have little to no advise and just say cull and try again (ha).

    any insight or further advise.

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    I've noticed more fluid now coming out his nose even though i have him propped best i can he cranes his head down - fluid still clear. is this pneumonia? Is he susceptible more cause of laying down/upside down position ?if i hold him more upright the foaming stops, breathing is less labored? he has no interest in water. I cant possibly just sit here holding him all day. i am alone, have other animals to tend to and i cant get and/or prep & administer what even he needs; however i haven't even thought of giving him anything this morning in this sad, more deteriorated condition.

    okay. after sitting here holding him upright, typing this one handed ... the fluid has stopped completely, his breathing is calmer/normal, he is not opening his beak frequently, less uncomfortable actually sleeping now after all that physical stress.

    is he dyeing? is this the end stage, the calm before the storm or has he gotten over the worse morning stage.

    a friend is bringing yogurt to syringe feed cause yesterday he wouldn't eat anything on his own except water.
    still waiting on vet returning call.
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    oh my....anyone out there that can help her? My heart is hurting for her and her rooster......I do not know anything to help you. I have had something similar but it was too late the outcome was death. It came to quick and fast for me to react. I do not want that for you.[​IMG]
  4. Most likely wry neck due to inner ear infection that was secondary to an upper respiratory infection. From the signs and symptoms, it might be too late. sorry to be so blunt [​IMG] I'll give you some advice though in case this happens again.
    It is hard to find a product called Oxine locally. You can search it on Amazon though. It is a little less than 40.00 per gallon with shipping but will last you a very long time. Do not get the "activator"!! with the oxine, you dont need it.
    Either confine the sick one to a private space (closet works good) or treat the entire hen house in the evening when they are roosting. Safest to do this probably in case the infection has been passed to everyone else. Mix 7 ozs of Oxine in one gallon of distilled water (not spring or drinking water) Use this mix to fill a humidifier (ultra sonic type works well) Run this for a good 30 minutes in the coop or closet with the affected bird. Do this every evening for 7 days. There are antibiotics as well but I am not a huge fan of them and they can be much more difficult to administer, especially when you are trying to stop a microbe in its tracks form hitting all you birds.
    I realize that if you have to buy a humidifier also, that your start up cost will be high. It lasts such a long time though you will recoup those costs easily. After your all done with this treatment you can use the treatment once per week in the coop for 15 minutes as a preventive. You will be surprised at all the benefits of doing this.

    PS. Yes, the infection has also caused pneumonia. The only thing you can do is keep him as upright as possible so he can breathe and try to get rid of the infection. It will take a while for the pneumonia to go away even after the infection is cured.
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  5. If you have some sort of dog cage or something....can you make him a little sling to cradle him upright and tie this to the top of the cage? That way you can keep him upright through out the day and during recovery. If he can breathe, that may be half the battle. That fluid has got to stay in the lower half of his lungs while he recovers.
  6. ohhh. I just realized that the vet may very well use Oxine to sterilize his treatment areas. Maybe you can call and see if they have a quart (unactivated) they will sell you. Worth a shot...
    REMINDER. DO NOT USE IT ACTIVATED for inhalation on chickens.
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    Im Sorry he is so sick, I just got done nusring one of my sick chickys, and it is really hard when they don't make it, Hoping he gets well, lots of prayers, & love you way

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    Make a sling thIng and then go tend the Others needs and then try to stay with the chicken as much as possible. Keep him hydrated and full. Don't want to get him dehydrated. Thtll make things worse. I suggest the unactivated oxine treatment that another BYCers suggested. If your friend comes have them watch the chicken while you do the necessary chores and check in frequently.

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