WRY neck why my silkie?


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ok so all my babies were good last night-I went in the brooder today and low and behold, my white beautiful white silkie has wry neck-I knew immediately what it was-brought him into the house and gave him poly-vi-sol -no iron-drops had him drink water-wont eat yet though--I knew what it was from all the posts on here. But why my silkie? is it genetic? will they all get it? I am giving them plenty of water-chikie starter 20% why did he get it and not the others? please someone help me understand this-I hope it wil be ok?
I'm sorry that yours got it I had 2 die from it last week. I don't know much about it, but someone told me they were more subseptipal to it because of their vaulted skulls. And no it is not contagious. Here's what people said to me when I posted last week : https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=194691
I hope your chick gets better.
I have raised a bunch of chicks within the last year, and I have only had 1 with this problem. My mother is a vet tech and she did a lot of reading and research online. She has been giving a few drops of the b-complex vitamin sublingual liquid (got it at Walmart) and a few of another vitamin mix she did. She took a vitamin e, a fish oil, and a flax seed gel cap and drew all the oil into 1 syringe and mixed it up. Then she took the needle off the syringe and just used it as a dropper to give them a few drops of the oil. She gave this twice a day and within a few days Buffy was much better. Even after she seemed normal we kept up the vitamins for a week or so. Knock on wood, she hasn't had a relapse and has turned into a beautiful and healthy chick. Good luck!
oh how sad -im so sorry-I think I caught it on time. Immediately gave poly vi sol-water and fed it food mixed with yogurt-chick food and vitain drops again-only because he really didnt consume much when I used teh stupid dropper it comes with-most got on my hand and chest! thank you for your help-Ill keep veveryone posted and take pictures tomorrow-hes in my mini brooder with food on the floor and tiny bowl of water-he/she is sleeping:-(
if all goes well I intend on continuing with vitamins. lucky you with your mom huh? I must pick up some vitamin E tomorow -thank you for your help and concern:)
Very lucky
I did some research myself, but I didn't hold out much hope for her. Buffy was also the chick that had to be helped to hatch, and I said "see, I told you we should have let nature take its course" but she wouldn't give up on her. Over the winter I had 2 that just "failed to thrive" didn't grow at the rate of the others, and then just faded away, so I was more frustrated with sick chicks than I should have been when this one came along. Let us know how your baby does, will have fingers crossed.
I will. I will take picturing of when shes twisted so others can see it to compare and hopefully awesome after photos of her getting better and standing up tall and strong-I have 4 handicappers right now and very frustrating!
It is common for silkies Because they dont have a skull covering all parts of their brain, there are parts of just cartilage. So if theey get pecked in the wrong spot it can protrude the cartilage and well, hit something on the brain, causing wry neck. I am so sorry.

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