Wry neck?

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    Hi all- I have a silkie around 6 weeks old. One week ago she started tucking her head under her body and walking backwards sometimes even flipping over. I immediately began treatment for wry neck. (Electrolytes in water, Vitamin E, Poly-vi-sol) Within 36 hours she showed marked improvement. She is eating, drinking, etc. But she doesnt look up out of the brooder the way the others do. She always appears to be looking down. I added Selenium yesterday. Anything I am missing? Do you think she will regain normal range of motion with continued treatment?

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    Since wry neck can be a symptom of many things, such as a head injury, vitamin E deficiency, hereditary problem, and seen in some infectious diseases (Mareks, respiratory diseases,) it may take days to weeks to see improvemnt. There are many good threads on wry neck if you go up to the search box at the top of this page and enter "wry neck." Make sure that your chicken feed is fresh dated and a good brand. Selenium is found in eggs and tuna.
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    Is she isolated? that is the most important part.It may take a while for her to come back to normal .Sometimes they just don't snap out of it.

    Keep us updated.

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