1. NotTheMomma

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    Does this usually come on all of a sudden,a gradual thing, progessive? I've got a 5 wk old EE pullet that showed up with wry neck this weekend. She eats, she runs, flys, etc. Not lethargic, and isn't spinning in circles. I can feel the Z shape in her neck. Wasn't there before. Noone else in the 16 that are with her have it. I;ve started her on liquid vitamins for birds called "Multi-Drops" by Premium 8 in 1. I've been gently massaging the neck, and it will go back straight by won't stay that way. My husband joked about splinting her neck, and Im tempted to do just that!

    The only thing signficant that "might" have contibuted to this...my daughter's friend was over this weekend and caught this chick from the brooder. The chick flew/fell out of her hands when she was bringing it into the coop yard. Thinking back though, this chick has always been my wild child. Hates to be caught, held, etc. so I'm wondering if it wasn't feeling well Saturday and that's why she was able to catch it. Otherwise, I dont know how much damage could have happened while attempting to catch her.

    I've tried reading all I could on here this weekend on wry neck. Am I missing anything that could help?

    BTW, I've not seperated her as she rules the roost and noone is picking on her.

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    Mar 31, 2009
    SouthEast Texas
    i would love to hear the answers to this.

    here's a bump.
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    Apr 9, 2009
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    Me too. I just adopted a 6 week old pullet yesterday that is the same. Doesn't walk in circles, can fly, but has that same z in her neck. She sags it down when I pick her up. She does sit up straight sometimes, but not a lot. I hope to hear an answer as to how best we should treat this.
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    Since your bird was handled and possibly injured, what I have to say may not apply- you'll have to decide.

    Many chicks grow so fast that their demand for vitamins is surpassed those available in feed, if only for a few days. This sometimes presents as wry neck or limping. If this is the cause,m adding multivitamins to the water may help over a two day period and certainly will not harm the bird. You may wish to consider this for your entire brood. If it is indeed wry neck, oil-based gelcaps of Vitamin E, gently broken and the contents offered on the tongue, may also help.

    Please let us know how your chick is doing!
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  5. NotTheMomma

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    No real change today. I massaged the neck again, and again was able to get the neck completely straight. Immediately it went back to the Z shape. It faces the left, but can run and fly straight! Good appetite, good droppings, so guess time will tell. I've gotta go into town this evening so will look for Vit E and Selenium, though I'm weary since I've got it on bird vitamins, and don't need to overdose. Oh, and it doesn't appear to be lagging in development either. My EE are among the biggest of the last group!
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    Mar 31, 2008
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    I am following this thread too as I have the same thing going on - perfectly healthy bird all of a sudden stricken. Mine wasn't injured though and has been on Avia Charge water. I, too, am afraid of overdosing with the vitamins since I am giving her polyvisol too. I also read somewhere about vitamin B. How do we not overdose them?

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