Wry neck?


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
Heart of Dixie
One of my new ducklings holds his head sideways. He has one eye looking up at the sky and the other is looking down. He has held his head like this ever since we got him. It doesn't seem to really bother him, he eats and drinks okay, and he swims fine. Sometimes he does go in circles though. I didn't notice it at first because he was in a batch with a bunch of other muscovy ducklings. But on the way home I noticed it. Is there something I need to be doing for him? Or will he outgrow this? It's like his little neck got wrenched and it stuck that way. Any help would be appreciated.
It could be a vitamin deficiency (in him or breeder stock). Try a vitamin supplement and see if that helps.
I am not sure about ducks, but I had a 6 week old chick with this problem. Polyvisol was not the answer, which I found on several threads here. She needed more than what was in it. I gave her Vitamin B, E and selenium for almost 3 weeks to correct it. I also gave her avia charge in her water. As I said, I don't know if the same things are safe for ducks, but that is the treatment I used and she is fine now.

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