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  1. TommyDaDelaware

    TommyDaDelaware Songster

    Aug 24, 2012
    Central WI.
    Not really an emergency, but it seems to be helping my bird! I went to wal-mart, and asked for Poly-Vi-Sol, and the woman showed it to me and asked "So, what symptoms is your baby showing?" (As in a HUMAN baby..) and I had to say... "well, it's not really a Human, it's a chicken. I saw on the internet (Meaning here!) that you should give it to birds with Wry neck. I think It's a Vitamin E Deficiency." She told me to get some liquid Vitamin E, and it seems to be helping. I put her on it last night, and well, today she seems to be in stead of me worrying about getting water down the wrong pipe whilst trying to save her, I put some in her mouth and she drank it. Same with the Vit. E. Keep her in your prayers, as with me. I'm merely taking a shot in the dark here. She's my favorite little pullet, her name is Grace. I hope she continues to get well.

    Also, this woman was amazingly helpful. She told me to put some on the other's food, too. SHE Also used to Raise chickens!! Small world!! LOL!!

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