Wry neck?????

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm having quite the trouble with this hen.. She's a 5 month old silkie and has had what I've thought to be wry neck for the past 3 weeks... I've tried absolutley everything, selenium, polyvisol, and vitamin e once a day, everyday. She goes through periods where she seems fine, holding her head up to eat and drink, but it's never for more than a couple minutes and then shes back to tucking her head under her body and walking backwards. For the past few weeks she's been "sick", I have also kept her inside away from the other chickens. She has kept herself quite clean and has had no other problems. I'm really hoping someone has some kind of answer here, she is my pride and joy and I couldn't bare the thought of euthanizing her... Thank you.

    Here is a picture of she has looked like for the past 3 weeks
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