WTB A Few Hens In Central NY

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  1. We are currently looking for a couple of hens (two or three). We recently lost most of our flock to a raccoon near the end of the summer and are left with only one Black Copper Marans hen. We really aren't too picky about the breed (mutts are fine!). Standard breed birds would be best but I'd consider a bantam she is really sweet natured. We just have a really lonely hen with no one to talk to and we feel sorry for her. The raccoon problem has been solved and the coop and pen has since been secured. We are quite concerned for her heading into the winter without any coop-mates to help keep her warm during the winter.

    Can anybody help us out? We are willing to negotiate a fair price. Feel free to respond here or with a PM.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    Saratoga County, NY
    Quote:Where in NY are you exactly? I have hens I am willing to part with if needed.

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