wtb a few Serama .. or other small breed chicken eggs


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Sep 12, 2008
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You're in LUCK! I was just going to post as I'm OVER-RUN w/eggs and ALL 3 BATORS are FULL!

I am charging the same amount I've been charging for 6+ Seramas: $15 plus s/h for about 2 lbs packed.

Right now, I have 4 Sizzle eggs (silkie/frizzle-black & blue)...now you MIGHT get silkie seramas as my black Silkie (Pudgie) has a little black Serama Roo that flies over to her side of the pen every day! He's a typey roo, too!

3 black breasted red oegb eggs and 9 (NINE!) Serama eggs. The eggs in this batch range from type A to type B and are all straight feathered.

Let me know asap, as I'm shipping out Marans tomorrow and really need to get these shipped at the same time.




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Sep 14, 2008
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I have some mixed breed bantam eggs. I'm not sure how big they are, but I do know that my dad's pigeons are bigger than most of my chickens. There are OEGB, dutch, silkie, golden sebright, and EE bantam eggs. They are most likely all mixes, but there could be some pure OEGB or pure dutch in the mix. For 1 dozen it would be $9 shipped with DC.
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