WTB: A very rare Dome Comb Bubble-Footed Circus Fowl


Chapel Farms
11 Years
Sep 13, 2008
Jemison, AL
Did you see that pic of the week??!!

I just have to have one!! No, I want a trio.

But I wonder how flighty they are? How many eggs per week do they lay and what color are they? And what about the roos....are they ever aggressive? I have young children so I would hate for one to attack while they play in the backyard.

If anyone can give me any information on this rare breed, please share your knowledge.

I cracked up when I saw that one, what a strange bird. I bet they are quite rare, only to be found in the toy dept. at Wallymart?

I'd love to have a flock, but we have briars and holly trees everywhere, and I understand they are allergic to them.
Man, those are sooo cute. I think that would be the perfect pet chicken for kids. They wouldn't run when the kids was trying to pick them up, that is as long as the wind isn't blowing in thier direction. They tend to run at any hint of wind, and spontaneously explode when they hit rough or sharp objects. On second thought, maybe they are a good idea for a childs flock. They don't have but a 2-3 day life expectancy and loose thier size fairly quickly, would be very hard to set a standard for showing.

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