WTB: any orpington, barred rock, wayondotte, welsummer hatching eggs

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    Jul 17, 2010
    Hi, I am looking to buy any colored orpington, any wayondotte, welsummer, and barred rock hatching eggs. The only thing is that I am looking for them in Wisconsin. I have heard way to many bad things about shipped eggs and honestly I work for the Post Office and know that things arn't handled the greatest. I know that every delivery service is that way so that's why I would really prefer to pick them up. Depending on the number of eggs you have and the price I may be willing to travel to northern IL, Eastern Iowa, and easter MN. Thanks for looking.
  2. bargain

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Bowdon, GA
    Should you decide upon trying some shipped eggs

    We have
    Lavendar Orpingtons
    Buff Orpingtons
    Blue/Black/Splash Orpingtons,
    Barred Rocks

    All non hatchery and beautiful blood lines.

    Please let me know. Feel free to look at our feedback in the old system and the new BSA section as well and pm me with any questions
    Thanks and have a blessed day. Nancy

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