WTB - Anybody selling / shipping mealworms?


10 Years
Jan 8, 2010
try LLL reptile supply in CA, or Premium live worms in GA. Lots of places that have reptile supplies also will supply worms. I have ordered from GA for years. They mail them directly to your house, and for the quantity that birds eat it is a lot easier to order there than pay high prices at petco. Once you have mealworms they are easy to keep and grow. They eat chicken feed and a lot of other stuff. I keep them in bins, cat litter pans, and any other container I can find. I put a bunch in feed them once or twice a week and after a month, I divide them into 2 pans and throw 1 pan in the coop. The birds love them. I know there are several mail order places around the country--just google it. They are definately worth it.

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