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  1. I'm wanting to buy some Mottled Houdan eggs, ASAP...

    I'm expecting additional eggs next week and I'd like this to be my last hatch of this year....

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  2. Thank you! I just got an email from her...and i'm sending paypal for the Sultan eggs this afternoon, but I'm still seeking houdans!
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  3. perfectly_polish

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    Chickn also has sultan eggs. I got 2 batches from her and both times got 100% hatch rates, she has great eggs! Good luck in your search for houdan eggs, I'm looking too [​IMG]
  4. I can't remmeber who I ordered eggs from this spring but I only got one to hatch...[​IMG] In the midst of power outages & surges....and it was a roo, of course!
  5. I'm still looking for Houdan eggs....anyone?

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