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  1. I'm looking for these eggs, (in no particular order):

    Sultan Bantam
    Mottled Houdan (standards)

    This will be the last hatch of 2008 for me!


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  2. Oh--and I've got some things to trade...Muscovy eggs or Easter Egger eggs...

    Or I have a few well-started chicks (I can't ship, though):

    Black/blue/splash orps
    Black Sumatras
    Golden Laced Cochins
    Porcelain d'Uccles
  3. Located in Okanogan, WA. I'll be making a trip to Wenatchee next weekend & my hubby is in Spokane until Wednesday, so he could pick up something for me on the way back. [​IMG] My parents live in Oregon & they'll be coming up Labor Day weekend (from Portland).



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