WTB: bantam Ameraucana / easter egger hatching eggs

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    May 25, 2010
    I am looking to buy some fertile hatching eggs that are Easter Eggers or Ameraucanas. Eggs off black or dark breeding stock is preferred but not absolutely necessary. Anyone with eggs or chicks can shoot me a PM with details and pricing. My zip code is 27549.

    I'll explain why we are searching..... Our 11 year old son (was 10 then) had a black Ameraucana / EE bantam pullet I got within a batch of 6 "standard" chicks I bought. He immediately fell for her (Shadow) and it seemed she fell for him as well. When he was home, she rarely walked on her own because she was either being carried by him or riding around on his shoulder. She was so smart and friendly. If she was out free ranging with the other hens, she would come onto the deck and tap on the back door glass until we gave her a treat, or he went out to hang out with her. She even followed him around when he let her walk.

    When she was approximately 6 months old, a since moved neighbor's dogs got loose and managed to get ahold of Shadow and mauled her as the kids were walking out to leave for school.

    We have been searching to replace her ever since. But, of course now our 8 year old son thinks he must have his "own" chicken too. I am sure my daughter is not far behind so I figure if I can find or hatch 6 chicks, we will hopefully get 3 pullets and they can each pick their personal favorite.

    We have other hens that we love and care for that provide eggs, the bantams would be strictly pets. Thanks for reading.

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