WTB: Bantam Ameraucana EGGS: BW, Buff & Lav

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    Mar 5, 2010
    Providence, RI
    I posted in the Ameraucana thread, but decided to post here as well:

    I am looking for EGGS from BANTAM AMERAUCANAS of blue wheaton, buff and lavender. I am only interested in those colors.

    I would like to find someone who has all three color variations if possible, and is willing to part with about 3-4 eggs of each variation. (hoping for 1 dozen or less, total)

    if it comes down to it, I might just find 3 different people for eggs and rehome the extras, but I would prefer to incubate and hatch out less and keep things as simple as possible.

    I need bantams because of space, so no standards please.

    looking for eggs only

    please post pics, or links to pics, of your bantam parents and eggs! and any advice on sellers would be greatly appreciated! thank you all!

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