WTB: bantam cochin or sebright hatching eggs


9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
Western ny
My son is starting in 4h this year and that means he wants to show chickens, ducks, etc. I haven't had any luck with the duck eggs being out of season. So now I am looking for chicken eggs. He wants to show and I want to breed so we are looking for either of the two breeds listed. For the Cochins any accepted color is fine. For the sebrights we are only interested in gold and silver laced. I know that there are a lot of auctions on here for Cochin eggs but being a stay at home mom I am not able to justify to my fiance spending that much money on eggs. He will be laid off for the winter so every penny saved counts. So even if there is someone out there with hatchery stock that would be willing to let some hatching eggs go for dirt cheap that would work. I would prefer to buy a dozen and can't spend more than $15 with shipping and that is pushing it. I make $40 a month helping out at a local auction house. I got lucky this month w/ all the extra goodies the animals have been grabbing out of the garden I have a little left over to buy eggs.

I tried an add on craigslist local but no one seems to want to sell any, at least for reasonable prices someone wanted $20 a dozen for hatchery stock and he wouldn't give let me even see pictures of his flock.
When would you want these eggs? I have very nice quality gold laced sebrights, they haven't started laying yet but they should within the next couple of weeks. I understand how it is to want something and not really have the money for it, so if they get to laying soon, I'll send you some eggs for what you can afford
I also have some mille fleur cochin bantams that I know at least one of the hens has started laying, maybe 2. Once all of them start laying I can send you a mix of both. Let me know what you think!!! Also, I can email you pics of my birds if you give me your email address.

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