WTB: Bantam orpington eggs, Az

I know it's not what you want to hear, but I will have some buffs available in the Spring. My birds are just now reaching 16 weeks and I have at least another 4 weeks before they start laying, and by then I wouldn't think that anyone would want me to ship eggs with the winter coming. But I will have some eggs available in the Spring. My Bantam BO's are exceptionally sweet and I anticipate their offspring being as sweet as they are. They are a breed that we greatly enjoy for their gentle nature. Let me know if you would like some come Spring. I also have Bantam Cochins in the following colors:

Black Mottled

As well as some colors I plan to mix because I only have one of that color, or I have all hens:

White Frizzle
Red Frizzle
Black Frizzle

I'll be offering their eggs come Spring as well. All I am offering right now are mixed breed eggs, a mix of Bantam and Standard.
Actually I would love some white bantam cochin eggs if you have some. How much would it be for a dozen or 2? Do you have pics? Can you put me on your list for the orpingtons. I live i n Az so our winters are a little warmer than other parts..

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