WTB Bantam pullets in Tucson!


Sparkle Magnet
May 6, 2009
Akron, Ohio
Hi! I lost a few bantams in the cold snap a few weeks back, and now my ratio of roo's to hens is 3:5, which is WAAAAY too low. So, I'm looking for bantam pullets or younger hens. Any breed (mixed or purebred) will be accepted, but silkies, sizzles or RIR would be best. I can buy 3-5, and would prefer not to spend too much (just a kid here, with no fixed income.) I live in Vail, AZ, but could probably meet someone somewhere. I may also make it to the State show in Phoenix on Feb. 19th. Email or PM me if you have any birds you could part with. Thank you!

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