WTB..Black Minorca hen or older pullet - Florida- Closed

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  1. We had a predator kill my daughter's black minorca hen last night. [​IMG]

    She was just deployed to Iraq and I can't bear to tell her right now. Am looking for another black minorca hen/pullet. She'll never take "Arnold's" place (we thought for sure she was a he in the beginning) but would like to add her to our flock.

    I'm putting hotwire all around the coop this afternoon. Don't know if it's a coon or a fox but I'm going to shock the sh*t out of whatever it is! It also got a silkie hen the other night from the same coop. [​IMG]

    I HATE predators...[​IMG]

    I will pay for shipping if I can't find one locally.

    Nevermind. I went out to her house and it wasn't the black minorca, it was the brown leghorn hen. Still awful, but she was a very skittish hen and Robin wasn't as attached to her.
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    Wish I was closer! I have an excellent quality Minorca hen in my pen that I have no need for!!! GAR!!!

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