WTB Blue and Splash Amer and pickup at Ohio National

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    May 12, 2009
    Burton, OH
    I'm looking for blue and splash Ameraucana's. If possible I'd love ones that are around 12 weeks or so. I hatched out a bunch of BBS this summer and was lucky enough to get lots of blues and splashes but have recently been the victim of a hawk and for some reason their favorite ones to take are my blues! [​IMG] i'm down to just a couple now and was really hoping to find a few more to my flock that would be about the same age but at this point am open to even eggs. I've sent several emails over the last few weeks to Amer breeders but haven't had any luck as of yet, didn't occur to me until this morning that DUH! [​IMG] BYC may be just the place to help out! so, i'm asking all my peeps if anyone can assist to please get in touch with me.

    We will be attending the Ohio National next weekend and could arrange pickup there.

    if anyone has any available or knows anyone that does please reply or PM me. thanks!

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