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    Jun 30, 2009
    Lebanon TN
    OK looking for just a few of the following
    2-Buff Minorca pullets or hens(still laying)
    1-2 Splash Jersey Giants to go with Tiny my splash Roo.BTW Tiny isn't very tiny! Would also like a white one
    2-3 Delaware pullets or hens still laying-trying to get a varied gene pool for my flock.Would consider trading one of my young pullets for one of yours.Mine are not for sale however
    2-3 Splash or white Andalusion pullets or young hens.I have plenty of blue's would also trade a few straight runs in blue if you wanted any-1 week old
    Please within a 3 hour drive of Nashville one way..Tiny came from AL so I will drive a considerable distance for the right birds.
    Oh I would consider hatching eggs in all of those if that's all I can find.
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