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    Sep 29, 2009
    I'll list what I'm looking for below. I'd like them preferably free, but I will pay a fee if needed. Or, you can check at the bottom and see the chickens I'm willing to trade.

    Looking for...

    1)Black Jersey Giant or Australorp rooster -
    The majority of the breeds I have are Jersey Giants and Australorps, so I would like to have a male for breeding purposes.

    2)Maran pullet/hen -
    I love their dark eggs!

    3)Lavander-colored Ameraucana pullet -
    I saw this one Ameraucana at the show this past weekend and I thought her color was gorgeous! I was would prefer an Ameracauna of this color, but other breeds will satisfy.

    4)White egg-laying females -
    All of my chickens currently laying lay brown eggs. I would like to expand my flock's egg colors. Also the reason I would like a Maran.


    I would like...
    + The rooster to be between 10 months and a year and a half old.
    + The Maran/white egg-layer to be between 10 months and a year old.
    + The Lavender Ameraucana to be between 2-4 months old.


    Depending on what I am offered, I'll be willing to trade the following from my flock:

    [​IMG] 10 1/2 month old Buff Orpington pullet -
    Mite free, healthy. Her name is Spring and I've raised her since she was a chick. She was brought up with my Buff Plymouth Rock and my two Blue Cochins I bought her from Feather Haven in Morgan Hill. She won first place at The San Benito County Fair (showed her as a junior), but did not place at the Gold Coast Poultry Fancier's Show (showed her as an adult). Here is a picture of her:


    I am willing to trade the Buff Orpington for either the Maran or white egg-layer.

    [​IMG] 3 month old brown Easter Egg pullet -
    Too young to get mites, healthy. Her name is Acorn and I've raised her since she was very small. She was brought up with another brown Easter Egger. I bought her from Feed and Supply in Gilroy. She's too young to be shown. Acorn was brought up with another her age, so please, please have another chicken around 2-4 months for her to hang out with. I don't know if she would do it with anyone else, but when I have the food container in my hand she likes to fly up and perch on it and eat. Here is a picture of her, she is the one on the left:


    I am willing to trade her for the Lavender Amerauana pullet.

    P.s: Sorry if this is confusing!
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