WTB Chicks - BR, RIR, EE, Silkies, and Leghorn

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  1. Airilith

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    Sep 28, 2009
    Eastern Shore, VA
    Well I was going to order from a hatchery, but I would rather order from y'all. I am looking for 7 chicks in total. And they are:

    1 RIR male
    1 RIR female
    1 Barred Rock female
    1 Easter Egger Female (if purebred I would prefer Ameraucana)
    2 Blue Silkie females (I know they are hard to sex, but best guess perhaps)
    1 Leghorn female (any variety - I'm really just looking for a high producing white egg layer here)

    I am located on the Eastern Shore of VA. I'm an hour south of Salisbury, and 1.5 hours north of the Virginia Beach area. I would like to arrange the chicks so that they arrive at about the same time (I only have one brooder atm).

    Thanks for looking!

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