WTB cornish x hatching eggs

contact "pooheveans" they are in GA and sell Cobb hatching eggs. I just hatched 11 of 12 yesterday. I bought from them last year and was thrilled. By 12 week of age they were the size of a small turkey!
i'm intrigued! can you tell us more about "cobbs"?
do they have the cardiac and/leg problems the cornish x have?

frankly, i find cornish x to be a nasty little bird. eat, poop, lay down in poop and all of this within a foot of the feeders. no matter how much space i give 'em, no matter how much i rake, no matter how much DE i scatter around, they still stink.

i have some standard cornish i'm growing out now but would love another option
JM hatchery has "free range broilers" They grow slower than cornishX but faster than dual purpose birds. They act like real chickens too.
I'm gonna try some next year.
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