WTB Coturnix females.

I'm far from southern CA, but I can ship if you don't find any. I've got brown, golden, white, rosetta, and tuxedos. With 50+ youngsters I'm sure there are females of each
How much is shipping? I do want jumbo's and would like the standard brown wild color to match my males.

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I know I have a few little jumbo brown girls. Shipping is $35 which includes the box. I can ship as early as next week. They are 4 weeks old. I have sent to Cali before and they made it ok.

I refund shipping if it becomes less.
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come to la there is a pet store i go 2 and they always have baby button and coturnix quail there any color different mutations u like also adults button adults for $5 each and coturnix adults for $7 each and any baby quail 3 for $5
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