WTB: d'Uccle Hatching Eggs


Big Pippin'
11 Years
Feb 27, 2008
Elizabethtown, NC
I am looking for 6 or so hatching eggs from Mille Fleur, Porcelain, or Golden Neck d'Uccles for my Father for his birthday in November. He loves bantams and has OEGB's and Silkies, but has fallen in love with d'Uccles. He has gotten into chickens since he has been diagnosed with skin cancer and the chickens help take some of the anxiety and stress of the chemo away. If you have some available, please PM me.
wwmicasa1 has beautiful birds! do a search under the auction archives for d'uccles, and you will find her...
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I have some Mille Fleur D'uccles. I could probably look into getting you a dozen or so (extra, because will shipping eggs you never know what'll hatch). I just entered 9 of them at the open show in Frankenmuth and they all placed, and I took Best of Breed. If your interested let me know. Thanks - Lee

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