WTB eggs of your experimental meat crosses: especially Buckeye, Delaware, Cornish, CornishX, FR, Whi

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    Feb 19, 2011
    Hi, I am posting here rather than in the buying and selling of eggs because I think I'll find the people here rather than there that are trying their own combinations of breeds for meat birds. What I'm hoping is that some of you have penned up, for example, a Buckeye roo and a Cornish hen... or a CornishX hen with any of the big breeds, etc etc... a Delaware roo over a Sussex or over a Buckeye, etc etc. Any combos would interest me, of birds that you think would have meaty carcases and maybe get big and grow quickly like hybrid vigor is supposed to cause! (not limited to the ones I included in my thread title or the examples I mentioned a sentence or 2 above this one, but helpful if at least one of your breeds is fast growing.)

    So anyway, I'd like to buy eggs if you have extras. I do have some baby chicks of a few of these breeds, but I'd like to save some time by buying eggs of meaty type crosses if any of you BYC people have any to sell. I know lots of people are experimenting w/ various crosses. I'm also looking for pure Buckeye eggs and pure Whitmore line Delaware eggs.

    I'm definitely also interested in crosses that include one or more of the parent birds being Freedom Rangers, Colored Rangers Kosher Kings, Rosambros, or CornishX. if you have saved back some of those to try breeding to get F2 birds OR that you've saved back and have put in with other breeds to experiment.

    If you'd consider shipping eggs, please PM me and let me know what combinations of breeds you have got available and what the cost would be.

    thanks very much in advance--Just PM me with what you have!

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