wtb - eggs texas and surrounding areas only


12 Years
Sep 16, 2007
crockett, texas
looking for eggs of any kind - ducks turkeys chicken, quail, geese, pheasant , whatever. looking for anyone in the arklatex or new mexico/ oklahoma who will ship fed ex or ups. i am tired of the usps ruining my egg orders. anyways any feedback is appreciated
When mine start laying again I would be glad to ship UPS. May not have what you want. I breed Silkies and Australorps. The Australorps have not started laying yet. They will in a couple of weeks, but will have to wait until they are laying good and good size eggs.
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Our poultry are:

Welsummers - non hatchery

White Leghorns - non hatchery - sold out for this season

Black Copper Marans - Wade Jeanne Line - feathered feet - French Standard - C-1 pen

Speckled Sussex - non hatchery

Buff Orpingtons - non hatchery

Barred Rocks - non hatchery

Non Production Rhode Island Red - Pure Mahogany - non hatchery

For 2010

Peking Ducks

White Chinese Geese

Brown Chinese Geese

Guineas - Presently - White, Pied, Lavendar, French and blended

Ameracaunas - from Dipsy Doodle - bbs

Large Fowl Cochins - 2 lines

Wheatan Marans - Buddy Henry's stock

The following turkeys
Royal Palm
Bourbon Red
Jersey Buff
Pencil Red

Geese, guineas and turkeys are time specific in laying patterns and not available year round.

I've shipped several times to Texas with no issues. I have used USPS with no problems but if you wish to use UPS, I will use them instead.

Please do look at our feedback and pm me if I can help you in any way.

Thanks and have a blessed day.
cammy id like some of your australorps and silkies liek a dozen of each when they start laying . how much would you charge for that shipped to 75835

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