WTB: Excellent Quality Cuckoo Silkie Eggs! Anyone have any??PA


13 Years
Jan 12, 2007
I just recently lost 2 of my cuckoo silkie hens. One was really old and the other was young but just died??? So I am now down to just 1 cuckoo hen. I really would like to find some to replace them. Thanks JEN
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Um, the only one I know of is you
But if you ever go on ebay, there is a seller there named 1234muki. She has cuckoos, and her birds are very nice. I hatched only 1 cuckoo chick from the eggs I got from her, but it wasn't very good. I believe it only had 4 toes per foot, and it seems to have had brown eyes? But the rest of her birds are very nice, she might have gotten her cuckoos better by now (that was about 9 months ago). You can always contact her and get some updated pics?
I have a lovely cuckoo cockerel from her eggs. Even though improvements have been made in the cuckoo over the years, the comb and beak color are still difficult to breed correctly. My cockerel has good beak color...sheer black with a small cream tip, but his comb, while a good walnut shape is still very red. I would get lots of pics from anyone who has eggs to sell.
thanks you all! Its really hard to find nice cuckoo. I think I was just lucky to get started with the birds that I do have. I guess I will have to but a couple black hens in with my 1 cuckoo hen and my cuckoo roo and hatch my own. LOL
I have a nice cuckoo roo with my black hens, the cuckoo variety isn't "there" yet to breed cuckoo to cuckoo. JMO

My roo has the right comb, and toe separation. The comb is reddish, and mottled blue skin.

My chicks leg color looks good, but will probably change.

I also bought some eggs from Muki1234. They shipped well and I had 3 hatch. They are still young and can't quite tell the quality yet.

I did not know they were a variety still in progress. I just thought they looked cool!
Here is a pic of mine:





Roo crowing with black hen:

as soon as all my girls decide to stop moulting I will have eggs again! LOL I only usually hatch a very small number of eggs at a time (like 6) JEN

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