wtb fertile eggs western pa please

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    Im going to be setting my eggs wed or thurs. Im looking to buy like 6 fertile eggs from any dual or meat chicken. Im near zelienople so please local. I will even pickup so no worry about shipping. All the sudden craigslist isnt sellinh anymore cept chicks. Thank

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    I'm in south-central KY so shipping would be necessary. However, I have some BSL eggs available if you are interested. They are from 1 of 2 Barred Rock hens with Black Copper Marans roosters. The chicks are absolutely huge and they can be sexed at hatch. I have 4 now so I could easily send 6 out tomorrow or Tuesday. I could send you the eggs for $10 shipping included.

    ETA: BSL is black sex-link in case you don't know [​IMG]
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