WTB Gold Brabanter Eggs, NH or you can ship to me.


11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
New Durham NH
Hello, I am seeking good quality Gold Brabanter Eggs. I would like at least a dozen, Possibly more, depending on your price, I would like to put together a small breeding flock, so I would like more than one supplier if possibly, so even if you just have a few eggs, please contact me!

I will pay you thru paypal, so you will need an account.

Thank you!
More chickens Amanda? When is enough going to be enough...???
Never! Now that I have my Gold Brabanters on the way, and you are cooking the Blue Coppers, all I need is a flock of Lemon Cuckoos and I will be complete! Muahahaha!

Actually, as long as the home depot keeps stocking lumber and chicken wire, and I still have land left to build on, there is always room for another coop, or two.

I know, I need to go to therapy. But hey, chickens are cheaper! (usually)


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